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Fed up with spending money on employee benefits that nobody uses? Show your people how much they mean to you, with a personalised portal jam-packed with benefits they actually want.

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Every benefit in one place

Zest is an easy-to-use employee benefits platform where your employees can manage all of their workplace benefits in one place, without having to remember a million different passwords.

A unique experience your employees will love

Our benefits portal is personalised to every employee, making it simple for them to find and update their details, or pick and mix new benefits as easily as shopping online.

You’ve got better things to do than manage benefits

Whenever an employee changes their personal information, flexible benefits selections, or receives a new salary, Zest automatically updates all of the relevant providers so you don’t have to. You might even get to leave work on time.

Show your people how much you value them before someone else does

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Our unique total reward statement shows your employees the full value of their benefits package and not just their salary.

Make smart decisions

Zest provides a treasure trove of valuable insights that HR and benefits teams can report on in seconds. Understand which benefits are popular, which ones aren’t, how much it all costs, and what you’re saving on national insurance.

Stop spamming employees

With Zest, you can communicate with groups of employees based on who they are and the benefits that matter to them. 

That way you’re not promoting loans for train tickets to people who live in the same town as the office, and you’re not telling people who don’t own a car about discounts for breakdown cover.

Instead, you’re telling them about the benefits that are important to them, increasing uptake.

Our customers

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What people love about our employee benefits platform

Beautifully branded

Make Zest your own by designing it to fit your employer brand


Access from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone

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Work without marketing support

Our editing tool makes it quick and easy to update information and create communications on the fly

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Pots and pots
of flexibility

Create allowances for employees to spend to support home working, or mental and physical health

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We’re ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified

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Recognise and

Employees can give shoutouts, and HR can give rewards

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Get the information you need to make smart decisions

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Grab your employees’ attention and get them using the benefits that are important to them

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It’s a cinch to manage all of your benefits data with every provider

Zest connects with the benefits providers and HR and payroll systems you use, updating information automatically, improving accuracy, and saving everyone time.

What they say

“The support and quality of project management has been excellent and some of the activities the project manager has undertaken on our behalf are over and above our expectations.
Caroline Farr
Director of HR - Penspen


It’s not just our customers who love us


Technology Award

WSB Awards - Benefits Innovation of the Year


Benefits Innovation of the Year

Award HR Tech Provider of the Year


HR Tech Provider of the Year

With Zest's benefits platform you can


What you get

From complex, global benefits management to simple solutions for SMEs, we’ve got an option for you


An easy-to-use, engaging and flexible platform that makes managing employee benefits simple for SMEs and their people


Employee benefits platform

5 benefits included

Employee recognition

Other platform tools

Employee management

Zest Marketplace

Video training

Optional add ons:

Zest Wellbeing (optional)

Zest Launch (optional)

Zest Helpdesk (optional)


Perfect for mid-size organisations, this package includes extra tools to help you reduce admin and engage your employees


Employee benefits platform

10 benefits included


Claims module

Flex allowance or investment allowance

Benefit insight


Employee engagement

Employee recognition

Other platform tools

Single sign on

SFTP and complex transformations

Zest Marketplace

Zest Wellbeing

Group training

Optional add ons:

Zest Launch (optional)

Zest Helpdesk (optional)


For large organisations, our comprehensive Enterprise package gives you the tools to manage even the most complex benefits schemes


Employee benefits platform

15 benefits included


Claims module

Flex allowance or investment allowance

Benefit insight


Employee engagement

Employee recognition

Other platform tools

Single sign on

SFTP and complex transformations

Zest Marketplace

Zest Wellbeing

Zest Launch

Benefits and system consultancy

Individual training

Optional add ons:

Zest Helpdesk (optional)

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Want to partner with Zest?

As well as working directly with companies to manage their employee benefits, we also partner with some of the biggest names in the HR, finance and benefits industries who resell and licence our technology.

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Employee benefits FAQs

Employee benefits are the extra perks and advantages that employers provide to their employees, beyond their regular salary or wages.

Employee benefits platforms are business management systems used by organisations to centralise and streamline the management and admin of its employee benefits offering.

Usually, employee benefits platforms will be made available on a self-service basis to employees as well as the HR and benefits teams, enabling employees to access and update their personal information and benefits selections from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

For HR and benefits teams, an employee benefits system will normally include reporting and communication tools to help the business to understand the uptake and effectiveness of their benefits offerings, and to communicate important information to employees surrounding their benefits scheme.

Organisations operating internationally, with staff employed in multiple countries, need to ensure that the benefits they provide comply with local regulations, and their impact on local taxes are taken into account and managed properly. A global benefits platform needs to be able to offer different benefits to different employees based on factors including their country of employment and their salary, and calculate any tax savings to the employee and/or the employer based on local tax law.

Employee benefits platforms help organisations to manage their employee benefits schemes more efficiently, reducing administration costs and ensuring the accuracy of their benefits data. Organisations can also report on which employee benefits are popular, or not, and adjust the benefits they provide and promote based on this data.

By giving their staff access to a benefits system, filling it with benefits that are relevant to each employee, and communicating with their workforce, organisations can also increase the uptake of employee benefits among their people, increasing employee engagement and retention. In addition, by increasing the value of benefits used by their employees, organisations can save money through benefits provided on a salary sacrifice basis by reducing their employer’s National Insurance costs.

The amount spent by individual companies will vary significantly and depend on numerous factors including their culture, financial performance and the level of competition for talent in their sector.

The cost of employee benefits platforms vary from provider to provider and will depend on the amount of functionality you require, the number of employees using the solution and the length of the contract you commit to. Zest offers three different pricing tiers to our customers.

The implementation time for an employee benefits platform will vary across vendors and also depends on the complexity of your organisation and your benefits scheme.

Another frequently overlooked factor is how quickly each customer organisation can provide the required information and feedback during the implementation process. Many enterprise benefits platforms take multiple months, and sometimes years to implement.

Because Zest has been created with flexibility in mind and is implemented by our experienced, expert implementation team, it’s possible to get you up and running with your benefits system in a matter of weeks.

Attractive employee benefits packages help companies to attract new staff, keep them engaged and motivated, and retain employees who might otherwise be tempted away to a new job elsewhere. Employee benefits can also help to improve the mental, physical and financial well-being of employees by ensuring they have access to helpful services and resources such as health and dental insurance, gym memberships, financial coaching and access to counsellors.

Employee benefits can also be used to help employees and employers to access valuable perks while reducing the amount of tax and/or national insurance they need to pay.

Employee benefits systems can save organisations money in four main ways:

  • They’re able to reduce the amount of administrative time that HR and benefits teams need to spend on facilitating their benefits schemes.
  • Employee benefits systems will normally provide reporting tools that show organisations which employee benefits are unpopular but may still be costing the business money, which can therefore be removed or swapped for a different offering.
  • By providing and promoting an attractive benefits package, organisations can reduce their recruitment costs by making their organisation more attractive for new candidates and also reducing turnover among existing employees.
  • By helping to increase the uptake of employee benefits among their staff, organisations can reduce their employer’s National Insurance contributions when providing staff benefits via salary sacrifice.


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