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Show them
what they’re worth

With competition for the best talent, if you don’t show your people how much you value them, someone else will. Our unique total reward statement helps your employees understand the full value of their benefits package and not just their salary.

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Forget boring old
pie charts

Forget boring old pie charts. Our fresh approach to total reward statements makes the value of an employee’s benefits pop! It’s all about showing your people the true value of their package and not just their paycheck.

Branded to your style

Like the rest of the Zest benefits platform, the colour scheme can match your employer brand, and the labels you use can be updated to fit the language you use.


When an employee makes a change to their benefits, their total reward statement is updated in real-time.

Understand the past,
present and future

Employees see how their benefits have changed over time and the impact their new benefits selections will make in the future.

Easy access to all
the info

Employees can also view additional information about each benefit and click through to see more information about each provider.


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