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  • IT and business consultancy
  • Over 2,000 employees globally
  • Workforce located across the UK, EU, US and Australia


BJSS is an IT and business consultancy that provides IT solutions across a variety of industries including financial services, health & social care, retail & consumer markets, energy and the public sector.

The company, which has 14 offices and more than 2,000 staff globally, recently chose Zest as its employee benefits provider. Laura Lodwick, head of internal operations for BJSS, talks about the onboarding process.

Why did you choose Zest as your benefits platform?
We’d been looking for some time at adopting a flexible, digital benefits system. We weighed up Zest against competitors and felt Zest had a better offering in terms of the software. As we work within the IT solutions sector, we really needed the software to stand up.

How was the onboarding process?
Really smooth. Our consultant led us through the process and really tried hard to understand exactly what we needed. The transfer from sales to delivery was effortless too. It’s definitely been one of the better journeys we’ve experienced.

What are the main benefits of using Zest?
The total reward statement element has gone down particularly well. Employees now have much more visibility than they had previously and can see the direct impact benefits have on their pay. Consequently, we’ve seen a marked increase in uptake. From an administrative perspective, the functionality and back end are very straightforward so it was relatively easy to get to grips with.

What they say

Zest has a very customer-centric approach. They understood us and what we needed and it felt, and indeed continues to feel, very much like a partnership rather than a sales transaction
Laura Lodwick
Head of Internal Operations

Has Zest helped you engage more with your workforce?
It’s still early days for us as we only started with the platform in May but there’s been lots of positive feedback from employees so far, as well as the increased uptake already mentioned. As we work in the IT industry, our employees can be tough to please when it comes to new systems but conversations so far have been very complimentary.”

Has using Zest made your job easier?
Working with Zest has been part of a wider project of change across the company. It has enabled us to have greater insight into the usage and uptake of our benefits offering, which has helped – and will continue to help – inform our decision making.”

What were the key challenges for this project?
We have quite a bit of data, and pulling it together was no simple task. Zest worked well with us, and any suggestions we made for tweaks they’ve done really well to implement.”

Why does Zest stand out?
They have a very customer-centric approach. They understood us and what we needed and it felt, and indeed continues to feel, very much like a partnership rather than a sales transaction.”

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