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Yahoo Q&A

Keen to enhance their employee experience, Yahoo also wanted to streamline their processes and offer a more comprehensive and engaging benefits platform.

We recently sat down with Olga Taylor, Senior Benefits Analyst at Yahoo, to discuss their onboarding and implementation experience, and how the Technology of Benefits have helped ‘significantly increase’ the participation in their benefit selections.




Why did you choose Zest to provide your benefits platform?

Zest stood out for their super user-friendly interface and seamless alignment with our needs. The platform presented itself as a technologically advanced and user-centric platform, making it the perfect choice for our company.

What was the onboarding process like? And how long did it take?

The onboarding process was efficiently executed, taking approximately two months for the platform to be fully operational. A fantastic result within our tight timeframe.

How did you find the process of launching your platform with Zest for the first time?

The launch process unfolded seamlessly, supported by Zest’s team, ensuring a successful launch and addressing any concerns promptly.

What they say

'The introduction of Zest's platform led to a significant increase in participation across a range of benefits.'
Olga Taylor
Senior Benefits Analyst
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Do you think using Zest’s technology has helped engage your employees?

Absolutely! Zest’s technology has made benefits accessible and straightforward, garnering positive feedback and increasing the overall engagement and employee satisfaction.

What do you think of your relationship with Zest?

Our experience with Zest has been fantastic! The project team is great, they not only listened to our ideas but have also promptly addressed any issues that cropped up. Our relationship with Zest has truly been a positive and collaborative partnership.

Any challenges?

While challenges were minimal, Zest demonstrated a proactive approach in addressing any issues swiftly.

What they say

'Zest’s technology has made benefits accessible and straightforward, garnering positive feedback and increasing the overall engagement and employee satisfaction.'
Olga Taylor
Senior Benefits Analyst
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Would you recommend working with Zest Technology Ltd? If so why?

Absolutely! We highly recommend Zest for their advanced technology, exceptional support and unwavering commitment to enhancing the benefits experience. This makes them an excellent choice for any organisation aiming to provide the best for its employees.

Were there any specific customisation or integration requirements for the platform to align with your company’s needs?

Yes. Zest seamlessly accommodated our specific needs and customisation, aligning the platform perfectly with our company requirements.

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