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Zest announce Marketplace expansion

The Technology of Benefits add new providers and categories to its offering.

Zest Marketplace is expanding! 

We’re delighted to announce a number of new providers and categories to our offering, cementing Zest Marketplace as the one-stop shop for all your employee benefit needs. 

Unveiled in January, we handpick from our network of trusted benefit providers to ensure you have the best offering available to your people. Zest Marketplace is designed to empower employers to take charge of their benefits strategy, allowing for a bespoke benefits scheme to be created that perfectly aligns with your company values. 

New providers

As we continue to expand our offering and empower employers to champion a new era of employee engagement, we have and will continue to introduce new providers to our platform. Some our latest Marketplace providers include: 

Rippl – Reward and Recognition 

Rippl’s people-led platform uniquely streamlines recognition, reward, benefits and incentives under one roof. We enhance wellbeing, champion workplace excellence and elevate job satisfaction for dispersed, deskless or disconnected teams across the globe. 

Ocushield – Eye care 

Ocushield offer online eye screening, un under seven minutes, from your smartphone or PC. Say goodbye to digital strain and hello to happier, healthier eyes. 

Cyclesaver – E-bike Hire 

Save 30% – 47% on bike hire subscriptions through CycleSaver cycle-to-work scheme. Purchase a subscription from UK’s most popular bike hire companies such as Santander Cycles, Forest bikes, and Beryl. 


Matchable are reimagining corporate volunteering! Engage your team and boost their wellbeing with high-impact volunteering opportunities. Take away the hassle of organising volunteering for your team, and track your company’s impact. 

Money Guided – Financial Wellbeing & Coaching app  

Developed by financial advisors, clinical psychologists, behavioural scientists and machine learning experts, Money Guided is the world’s leading AI-powered, digital financial assistant. We help your employees save money, plan for the future and ultimately develop a more positive relationship with their money. 

Flow Neuroscience – Mental health headset

Flow is an at-home depression treatment that consists of a non-invasive brain stimulation headset and behavioural therapy app programme.  Along with treating depression the Flow headsets has also been shown to reduce anxiety, stress and improve sleep.

IVF Network – Fertility support

Providing invaluable resources and a supportive community for individuals navigating fertility challenges that can feel overwhelming – prioritising patient-centred care and emotional support and information.

GYST Wellbeing – Group support/coaching for stress, burn out, anxiety and mental resilience

GYST is an online membership that is building a supportive community by delivering monthly webinar content, and regular group coaching sessions – learning how to manage stress, prevent burnout, and support wellbeing at work.

World Privilege Plus

A premier saving platform offering essential discounts, exclusive perks, and a leading reward program crafted to elevate team spirit effortlessly.

New categories

With new providers, comes new categories. We have added the following categories to our offering to help employers easily filter and find the benefit providers they require. They include: 


Cycle to Work 


Family Care 

If you’re looking to elevate your benefits platform, then Zest Marketplace is the perfect platform. For the full list of our Marketplace providers, or to find out how you can incorporate our Marketplace offering, click here. 

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