A space to learn, share, chat and rebuild

Hey! I’m Katie, the Founder of the GYST online community – a community that came to life as a result of wanting to support those that may be struggling with stress and burnout. I’m a qualified coach who has been working in the stress and burnout space since 2017, following my own journey with this terror twosome.

Because after burning out twice, feeling lost and like I had to chase success while sprinting away from failure, I knew it was time to do the work to truly understand my relationship with stress, and how it was impacting every part of my life.

Which led me to understanding why I was chasing ‘stereo-typical success’. But I also had to acknowledge the workaholic perfectionist I had become, and how it had left me sick, unfulfilled, and questioning my very existence.

And so, I stopped. And unlearnt all the unsustainable coping mechanisms that had got me so far, and instead created a life where I was more than my job. And do you know what? I started thriving.



That’s really why I built the GYST online community. Because I want to support others to thrive too.

So, what happens in the community?

Well, its a supportive and totally non-judgemental space, created for those in the workplace to access group coaching and learn new tools. And we do that in a number of ways.

  1. Firstly, join me for a LIVE monthly webinar where I will be focussing on our physical, mental, and emotional health by visiting some really interesting topics. We encourage you to interact and ask questions throughout. Afterall, it’s your session so we want you to get the most from each and every one.
  2. ​Weekly coaching calls, where you can bring anything for discussion that may be going on for you. These group sessions are friendly, supportive, and give you a space to share what’s on your mind.
  3. And at all times, you have access to a supportive community, filled with people navigating the same things as you!

The GYST community is a space to learn, talk, and rebuild. And we would love to have you come along with us.

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