Money Guided

The World’s Leading Digital Financial Assistant.

The app for everyone

Money Guided is the AI-powered, digital financial assistant that helps your staff better understand and take control of their finances. An app for everyone, Money Guided’s financial assistant is fully independent and always looking out for their interests.

This is a revolutionary way for organisations to support and empower their teams financially. Money Guided brings an individual’s entire financial life together, connecting accounts and policies into one secure and easy-to-manage place. Our proprietary “moves engine” then gets to work to improve behaviour, save them money and ultimately make them more financially confident and secure.

Money Guided is inclusive, impactful, insightful and entirely data-driven. Our world-first “moves engine” looks at a member’s entire financial life and nudges them to make positive changes in key areas accordingly.



Moves range from reducing utility bills or the cost of debt, claiming appropriate government benefits, budgeting and goal setting, all the way through to WhatsApp-based coaching sessions, mortgage and insurance renewal reminders, cashback / retail discounts and even increasing engagement in existing employee benefits.

The digital financial assistant has been created not just by financial experts but also behavioural scientists and clinical psychologists to get to grips with the everyday mental traps we all fall into with money.

Money Guided is the only financial wellbeing solution on the market today that makes no money from the sale of financial products and is also proactive, rather than simply reactive or user led. If you are committed to helping your people become better with their money, driving adoption to existing benefits and retaining and engaging the best talent, then Money Guided is the solution for you.

Introducing Money Guided

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