Reduce your emissions. Fund climate projects. Make your difference!

So how can you make a difference?

Sign up to a monthly subscription with Furthr to do your bit for your environment. Your membership enables you to:

Restore forests: plant trees to help fight climate change and to provide a fair wage to our tree planters – lifting local communities out of poverty.

Make up for your emissions: fast-track clean energy projects across the globe to reduce your impact on the planet.

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint: receive monthly personalised tips on how to live greener.

Track your impact: get updates on the projects you are supporting and see the difference you are making on the ground.

Monthly Treewards raffle: get entries for Furthr’s Treewards raffle, with prizes including extra trees planted in your name, charity donations and much more!

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Employer sign up journey

Employee sign up journey 

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