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Watch on demand: Zest x IVF Network fertility webinar

Did you miss our fantastic fertility webinar last week? Not to worry, you can now catch up with the recording below.

Zest’s webinar, Fertility in the Workplace, is now available on demand and for downloading.

Welcoming industry experts to our Leatherhead office, we partnered with The IVF Network to explore how companies can better support employees with their fertility journeys, regardless of what stage they’re at and what type of journey they are facing.

The session was an inclusive discussion showcasing the positive outcomes of implementing a fertility benefit support policy, and aligns with our mission of empowering employees and championing a new era of employee engagement.

Our fertility experts included:

Key takeaways from our fertility webinar:

Fertility issues and infertility diagnosis can be a hugely stressful and challenging process for couples and individuals going through it. And this is further heightened by the absence of proper workplace support. A recent study found that 38% of people going through fertility treatment consider quitting their jobs. With an average cost of £30k to replace an employee, having the right support for your workforce is an important point to consider.  In fact, according to a recent study by Brabners, 53% of employees experiencing fertility issues say they’d be more likely to stay at their company if the employer-funded fertility treatment.

Fertility benefits can range anything from paid time off to attend appointments, access to counselling, partial or full IVF funding, at-home fertility testing kits, remote and in-person consultations, and diagnostics, or even partial or full funding for egg freezing.  Our essential panel also discussed why it’s important for an inclusive discussion showcasing the positive outcomes of implementing a fertility benefit support policy.

Key stats from Zest’s research

In a study of 2,000 adults, Zest’s research found

  • 2% of all employees said if they could create their own benefits package, they would include fertility benefits in their top five benefits.
  • This rises to 3% for women, and 4% for those aged 18-34.

In a study of 500 HR decision makers, Zest found:

  • 17% of businesses said they offer fertility benefits to their employees.
  • 15% of businesses said that they’ve had employees ask for fertility benefits.
  • 86% of businesses believe that they offer benefits that support employees across all life stages.

In a study of 2,000 UK adults, Zest found:

  • 3% of employees said that their employer currently offers fertility benefits.
  • 2% of employees said that they had used fertility benefits in the last year (since July 2022).
  • When asked to create their own benefits package, 3% would include fertility benefits in their top five benefits (of these employees, 4% were male and 2% were female).

Watch our fertility webinar below. Want to download the recording? You can do so here.

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