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A Pinch of Zest: Neurodiversity in the workplace podcast

Zest dive deeper into Neurodiversity in the workplace, how it impacts employees and what tools are available for both employees and employers alike.

Introducing ‘A Pinch of Zest’, our latest podcast series that looks to add a little something extra to how you better support your colleagues.

Our first episode looks into Neurodiversity in the workplace, and whether companies are doing enough to support employees with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD

Our host Josh Sweetman-Lemay was joined by Jake Jones, Marketing Executive and former Formula 1 published journalist, and Lee Godwin, Global Chief Operations Manager at Emplomind.

Jake kindly opened up and talked first-hand about his own experience of ADHD, of unsupportive working environments and how that impacted his career. He also discussed the barriers he’s had to try and break down and what can be done to champion employees who similar traits to his own.

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