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Creating healthy & happy workplace communities, one conversation at a time.

A holistic approach to employee wellbeing

Emplomind understands that building inclusive, healthy and happy communities in the workplace is what drives performance and success.

But meeting the unique needs of each person, understanding the role the workplace is playing in meeting or impacting their wellbeing and therefore performance can be beyond daunting.

However, this is where we come in.



Through our on-demand mental health & wellbeing support we deliver access to a diverse pool of specialists who can meet your people where they are in the wellbeing journey.

Providing ease of access, industry leading availability, anonymity, and culturally diverse support we break down many of the barriers to support.

Quarterly insights then allow HR & Leadership teams for the first time to pinpoint exactly what areas of the workplace are impacting their people, allowing them to drive change into these key areas.

For people first organisations that want to not only deliver immediacy of support to their people, but drive change and preventive measures into their wellbeing strategy, Emplomind is here to help.

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