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Two-thirds of neurodiverse employees want more employer support

Our latest research has found neurodiverse talent are looking for more support from their employers.

Two-thirds or 64 per cent of neurodiverse employees believe that they should be receiving more support from their employer, according to Zest.

According to new research from employee benefits technology company Zest, 49 per cent of neurodiverse employees feel undersupported at work, and 22 per cent of HR directors admit having difficulty meeting their needs.

The study also reveals that 38 per cent of HR directors reported more neurodiverse employees in the last year while 37 per cent of employers invested in mental health services, but support remains insufficient.

Meanwhile, over a third or 35 per cent of HR leaders believe that having more neurodiverse employees has boosted productivity whilst 31 per cent believe this segment of the workforce has made the business more profitable.

Zest also found that failure to support neurodiverse employees impacts talent retention, with 48 per cent finding their perks inadequate and 62 per cent prepared to leave for greater inclusivity, compared to the 46 per cent UK average.

According to the research, three-quarters of neurodiverse employees want more personalised benefits, and more than half would utilise them if the platform was more user-friendly. However, only 29 per cent of employees believe their benefits platform meets their expectations, with 39 per cent requesting additional investment in these systems to improve accessibility.

Zest CEO Matt Russell says: “Employers need to ensure they are fully harnessing the talent of neurodiverse employees by improving support and reward strategies to ensure this growing portion of the workforce can flourish.

“Although many employers are stepping up investment in this area, clearly neurodiverse employees feel there is a long way to go before the level of support offered in the workforce meets their expectations. Increasing investment in benefits packages is an effective approach to delivering enhanced and targeted support to employees which makes them feel more valued, and motivated and ultimately benefits the organisation as well as the individual.”

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