Ashia is the first streaming service dedicated to your wellbeing. Described as the ‘YouTube of Hope’, Ashia features 16 channels of exclusive stories, expert opinion, signposted organisations, resources, and exclusive offers to help you through life.

Ashia is a digital wellness platform, available 24/7/365, offering support at the moment of need.  We show people that they should feel neither inhibited nor stigmatised by their personal challenges and that help IS available by offering stories of hope and support told by real people. Its inspirational stories are told in short film format, podcasts augmented by resources, advice and support from relevant accessible organisations. All the video content features real people and is professionally produced, curated, and moderated.



You can add your own content and branding and you will also have access to anonymous analytics so you can understand what issues your members are searching for and which media they are using.

Ashia could provide your members with unlimited access to over 6,500 videos, 2,500 podcasts, interviews, offers, support resources and offers.  All are original UK content, designed to support people at the point of need with the lived experience of experts from a broad range of backgrounds and journeys.  Your members can also freely share content with friends and family to support them.


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