Expert menopause support for your workplace.

A menopause companion for every woman in the workplace

Roughly 20% of any workforce is in some stage of the menopause and 80% of those will experience symptoms.

Supporting women through menopause is a key initiative for 2024 as progressive employers recognise the need to do more to create a great workplace culture so women can thrive at this stage of life.

Adora provides an innovative, menopause employee benefit giving women access to the women’s health experts, digital tools and the community they need – all in a convenient digital app.




From personalised health and wellbeing education to friendly online events, Adora offers confidential support that includes:

  • Personalised support and health reports
  • Direct access to online gynaecologists
  • Digital tracker & menopause toolkit
  • Wellness health hub offering lifestyle insights and tips
  • Friendly women’s health live events

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