Zest Q&A: Chief Product & Innovation Officer Graham Meinke

Did you know Zest has a 'brand' new look?

Last month we revealed our new branding, a reflection of our evolving identity and commitment to be the Technology of Benefits. To celebrate our launch, we sat down with Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Graham Meinke, to talk about the brand’s impact, how it will help Zest differ to our competitors, and what the future holds.

How does the new Zest brand help impact product and innovation strategies?

Our platform is market leading and it’s important that our brand helps bring it to life.

Benefit programmes can be complex due to complicated scheme rules and organisational structures and policies. Our platform turns those into engaging and simple employee experiences, with our no-code solution to building benefits allowing employers to effortlessly reflect the reality of each benefit.

We enable our clients to build engaging campaigns and personalised content to unleash the power of their broader employee proposition.

As a technology company, it’s important that our brand echoes that same energy, engagement and simplicity that our platform delivers for our clients.

You’ve joined the company at a really exciting time regarding to the new brand, how does it feel to be onboarded with all this change?

It’s exciting to be joining such a dynamic company, which continuously invests to deliver new capabilities to ensure our platform remains market leading.

The new brand is a reflection of the ambition we have for the platform and the business alike, and represents an exciting step forward for Zest as we look to help even more businesses unleash the power of their employee proposition to attract and retain top talent.

What does the future hold for Zest?

We’re working hard every day to help our clients better understand the needs of their people, craft and deliver exceptional employee experiences, eliminate manual administration and keep employees engaged in the success of their business. Our roadmap is full of exciting new capabilities and enhancements that will continue to make colleagues envious of the technologies available to HR teams across the country.

How do you anticipate the new branding will differentiate the company’s product from competitors in the market?

The employee benefits market more widely still has a reputation problem, based on client’s previous experiences of working with providers that either shift the complexity back to the client, hack complex benefit rules into coded solutions that cannot be easily understood, and offer seemingly automated reporting and processes that are manually powered by people peddling away behind the scenes. All of these things fail to address clients underlying needs and ultimately leave them frustrated.

Zest is different and our exceptionally positive customer feedback reflects this. Our platform allows employers to reflect the truth of their organisation and benefit schemes through our powerful no-code benefit builder and off-the-shelf reporting, integrations and automations reduce manual administration.

Our new brand is an important tool in helping to differentiate Zest from our competition and ensuring that we’re not associated with outdated solutions and behaviours.

To see our ‘brand’ new reveal, click here.

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