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Zest: Bartlett Group

Zest is delighted to announce that The Bartlett Group, one of the UK’s leading independent insurance and financial solutions specialists, has decided to partner with us to help market our innovative employee benefits platform.

For over 80 years, The Bartlett Group has supported clients in more than 40 countries and in the past five years has been named ‘UK Broker of the Year’, twice. From its humble beginnings in Leeds, the company has spun a web across the globe and now has offices in multiple locations from Sydney to Kampala.

The Bartlett Group wanted to ensure that its employee benefits offering was as comprehensive as its other innovative financial service solutions and it was important to find the right partner to bring this to the market.

“We conducted an extensive evaluation of the benefits technology platforms available and Zest stood head and shoulders above the crowd,” said Andy Russell, Employee Benefits Director at The Bartlett Group.

The Bartlett Group found that Zest significantly reduces the time and cost of implementing benefits technology, offers a seamless employee experience and provides simple tools that reduce the administrative burden for employers.

Zest is thrilled that The Bartlett Group has taken the decision to partner with us and are looking forward to a long and substantial partnership relationship. Together we hope to continue transforming the sector and bringing protection and other flexible benefits to a much wider audience than would have been remotely possible in the past.

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