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Zest 3.0 launch introduces a new way to engage and reward your workforce

With home working high on today’s agenda, finding new ways of engaging remote employees is key to keeping your workforce motivated.

Recognising the difficulties employers face in this ever-changing working environment, Zest has launched an innovative solution – a benefit claims account, powered by the latest addition to its benefits platform, the Zest Claims Centre.

The new, easy to use Claims Centre enables employers to empower their workforce with greater choice and flexibility when it comes to the employee benefits available to them. For example, a ‘Working from home fund’ could enable them to purchase and claim for items, such as office furniture or WI-FI, while a ‘Health and Wellbeing fund’ might allow them to claim for yoga classes, fitness equipment or counselling services. The options are limitless.

Because every employee is different, the function can be completely personalised to suit the needs of your business and its workforce. It’s also accessible via mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices so you can engage with your people, wherever they might be.

How it works

Employees are assigned a balance they can make claims against while employers can appoint administrators who, when notified of a claim via the Claim Centre, can approve, query or reject them as appropriate. The process is completely automated, reducing the admin involved.

Within the Claims Centre, employees are able to view their starting and remaining claims balance, log claims (including receipts), see the status of their claims, view historical claims and receive email notifications when their claims have been approved or rejected.

In the UK and Europe, the new functionality will help employers easily offer a variety of benefits which employees can claim for – as well as those mentioned above this could also include eye tests, sports equipment and counselling services.

For Zest’s global clients in Asia, the pioneering technology will be particularly valuable for employers who subscribe to a popular benefits model, which allows employees to claim for a variety of employer-funded everyday healthcare and living costs.

Zest managing director, Ray Sieber, said: “Zest 3.0 and the launch of our sophisticated Claim Centre technology enables our clients to raise the bar when it comes to engaging with their workforce. The roll out is yet further evidence of Zest’s position as the leading provider in the employee benefits sector and our commitment to be ahead of the game when it comes to responding to developments in this continually-evolving market.”

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