Q&A: COO Clare Reynolds on Zest’s fresh new look

Out with the old, and in with the new!

As we continue to celebrate our new branding, we sat down with Chief Operating Officer, Clare Reynolds, to discuss everything Zest and what the future holds for the technology of benefits.

Zest: You’ve been with Zest for some time. What makes this new branding different to others in the past?

Clare Reynolds: ‘I love that we’ve remained true to our heritage and embraced our existing core colour of Orange.

This doesn’t feel like a re-brand, more a refresh – building on our foundations, but embracing new fresh, clean lines, with a modern take on colour, imagery and re-focus on who we are and what we stand for in terms of personality and tone of voice.

How does the new brand reflect the company’s commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement?

CR: ‘It’s important for us to keep one step ahead, to show that we really are championing a new era of employee engagement. The new branding provides evidence that we constantly embrace change and continually come up with fresh ideas.’

Describe how excited you are regarding the new look and feel for Zest?

CR: ‘I’m looking forward to buying a new outfit/accessories in team colours.’

What messages would you like to give customers and stakeholders about the new brand?

CR: ‘With the customer at the heart of our business we need to reassure them that we really are creating the best of the best. I’ve mentioned previously, but to me the new branding provides evidence that we are continually embracing change and committed to challenging the norm and delivering excellence.

How do you anticipate the new branding will affect employee engagement and their understating of the company’s goals and values?

CR: ‘It’s no coincidence that our new values are actually just a continuation or extension of our previous ones – this is a sure sign that they’re a correct fit for the business and ones that our employees already buy into and are happy to celebrate.

What does the future hold for Zest?

The future’s bright – the future is …. Orange!

To see Zest’s new branding, simply visit our website.

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