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Northumbrian Water boost employee experience with single sign-on.

At Zest, we’re always proud of the changes our solutions make in our client’s lives. Particularly when it comes to boosting their employee experience.

When our clients get recognised for their innovative leadership and positive impact they’ve made for their employees it’s even better.

Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) are an exceptional example of what you can achieve working with Zest. Demonstrating this time and time again with their amazing ‘TapInto…’ employee benefits programme.

See how NWG have simplified the employee journey and boosted employee experience with single sign-on.

About Northumbrian Water Group

In 2010,  NWG determined that they would strive to become the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and waste water services.  Initiatives to deepen corporate values and invest in talent has seen the business go from strength to strength.


Benefits Programme

NWG recognised that when staff give their best they need to be rewarded well for their efforts. For this, they worked to build a benefits package that offered value to each individual within their diverse workforce.  With a pro-active diversity agenda fueling research into workforce demographics since 2014, NWG built a sector-leading benefits package that tapped into the specific preferences of each group. Whilst still remaining fair and balanced for all.

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This was the birth of the ‘TapInto…’ benefits programme. Encouraging employees to tap into their benefits.  With the lynchpin being a centralised benefits portal that simplified administration and allowed employees to engage with their benefits easily.

With the quality of user insight offered by NWG, careful scheme design, a great engagement strategy and a strong benefits platform, Tap into was a success. With Employee engagement levels at an all time high. NWG also saw over 80% of their staff engaging with the portal on the first day. With benefit take-up growing by 5%.

Latest Updates

See that latest news and how Northumbrian water have been able to streamline their log in process for all of their benefits here.

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