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“A Standout winner” Zest Benefits wins Best Technology award for the third year running ????

On 17th November 2022, Zest Benefits was recognised for the “Best Technology” award at the prestigious The Rewards awards ceremony held at The London Hilton Bankside Hotel.

Our technology was praised for its intuitive, flexible, and accessible design that enables employers to engage with and reward its employees. In addition, the Claims Centre launch coincided with the time when hybrid working was on the rise, focusing on various potential work schedules that needed to be supported. Thanks to Zest’s innovative technology, employers can provide their employees with the right employee benefits without compromising on cost, user experience, or performance.

At Zest, we are always looking out for new ways to improve our offering and make life easier for our customers and their employees- from developing an easy-to-use online portal through which they can manage all of their employee benefits programme; through providing valuable support during periods of high workload; to being constantly available when needed them most.

This was reflected in the judges’ comments:

“A standout winner, Zest have pivoted since the pandemic and embraced a large amount of change in respect to hybrid remote working, the need for control and integration to provide tremendous solutions to support employees’ wellbeing.”

The updated Zest Insights Centre accelerates the commitment to innovation that supports our customers business goals for their employee benefits scheme. Comprising of three main areas, engagement, benefit take-up and benefit spend at a new level of accessible granularity. This is an additional module that is effective for all stakeholders. Supporting cost savings and efficiencies by allowing complete access to every piece of information to be exported as raw data for forensic analysis using the tool of their choice.

It is now possible to filter data in greater depth, and in doing so, to identify trends within specific demographics, department salary brackets and more.

“The team at Zest have continued to impress the market and the judges for three straight years with our innovation in employee benefits technology. This year our focus has been on the business benefits that our Insight Centre brings.”

Ray Sieber, CEo – Zest

“From optimising ROI in a cost conscious climate, allowing our customers to focus on benefits that are seen to add value and potentially removing ones that aren’t popular and waiting money. To optimising engagement by identifying the most popular benefits by demographic, whilst allowing the benefit teams to explore insights by any variable they need to ensure that their scheme is a success.” Mr Sieber added.

Mr Sieber, who expressed his delight in receiving this accolade continued: “We are honoured to receive this award for the third year running as it recognises our dedication not only towards developing ground-breaking technology but also our commitment towards helping businesses large and small offer great employee benefits programmes. Our aim has always been simple – making it easy for organisations of over 100 employees to give their employees access to a wide range of benefits, perks and rewards no matter what their budget is or their complexity”.

With years of experience in developing our award-winning software solutions specifically tailored employee benefits programmes, we’re experts in making sure your organisation provides the right employee benefits that attract and retains top talent while also keeping costs down.

For more information about how you can benefit from using our technology please do not hesitate to get in touch or request a demo. Learn how our award-winning technology offers an intuitive Employee Benefits Platform that makes it easy for organisations big and small give their employees access a wide range of perks and rewards.

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