Zest Recognition Centre

A new way to show appreciation and boost engagement

Modern ways of working mean it has never been more important to make employees
feel valued and keep them connected to each other. Zest’s Recognition Centre is
designed to do just that while seamlessly connecting with the rest of the Zest platform.
So your people can show their appreciation for others while you continue to boost
employee engagement.

Show you care

Zest’s Recognition Centre is a great way to congratulate
people for their work, milestones or achievements.
Employees can send their own ‘Shout Out’ to a colleague
with a personalised message within your portal. As an
employer, you can also configure messages to individuals
that recognise specific dates, like a birthday or work
anniversary. So you get the dual benefit of boosting
peer-to-peer appreciation while always remembering
important moments for your employees.

Keep things simple

The intuitive functionality makes it easy to select a
colleague, write a message and post it to the Recognition
Centre. It also brings added familiarity, with Shout Outs
viewed on a social media style ‘wall’ and a mobile-responsive
design. Employees who receive recognition are sent an email
asking them to log in to the portal and you stay in complete
control of the way those messages are sent out. Plus, you can
monitor the portal and remove messages that don’t conform
to company policy.

Take engagement to another level

When an employee receives recognition, they are sent
an email and asked to log in to the employee portal
to read the message. This encourages broader use
of your portal with regular access to company news
updates, discounts and wellbeing initiatives as well as an
individual’s own benefits package – for a richer overall
engagement experience.

Find a winning combination

Used on its own, the Recognition Centre makes it easy
for anyone to give a Shout Out to a colleague. Used
together with the rest of the Zest platform – including
the Engagement Centre and Total Rewards Statement
– you’ll send a powerful statement about the value of
employees to your organisation. As a result, you’ll boost
engagement and satisfaction as well as retention.

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