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Deliver the benefits that matter to the people who matter

The challenge with every benefits program is knowing whether it’s hitting the
mark with your employees and, above all, giving you the best value for money.
The Insight Centre helps you refine your benefit scheme, ensuring you get
even better employee engagement and, simultaneously, saving you money.

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Understand your employees’ behaviour

The ultimate measure of a rewards program is
participation. With the Insight Centre you can
understand the effectiveness of your communication
campaigns and the scheme itself by measuring how
often your employees visit the benefits portal, over
which devices and how much they spend. This allows
you to fine-tune three things: the benefits, your
messaging and your communication channels.


Employee Benefits Insights

Measure your scheme’s performance

With the Insight Centre you are able to maintain a deep
understanding of your scheme’s performance. You can
even track the take-up of benefits over time to assess
the impact of changes you have made to your scheme
and/or the communication campaigns you have run.

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Save money

Taken together, these features combine to help you
identify how much you are spending, where you’re
spending it, which benefits are worth enhancing
and which are possibly worth replacing or, indeed,
dropping. This helps you to achieve the best return
on investment for your organisation.

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Simple and easy to use

Like everything in Zest, the Insight Centre has been
designed with simplicity in mind. Everything is made
easy for you, presenting what you need to know via a
simple and immediate interface. With Zest, it doesn’t
cost you time to save money.

The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived.

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