Zest Group Management Centre (For Licensees)

Enhance the power of your service

Zest’s Group Management Centre is a truly unique and powerful tool. It delivers
benefit changes instantly across your entire client base with a single action;
what’s more, it effortlessly ensures that the employees of all your clients have
the latest information exactly when they need it. Best of all, it offers the highest
possible level of service to your clients at the lowest possible cost.

Deliver a consistent message

Do you use the same benefit providers again and again across your client base? If so, the Group Management Centre ensures complete consistency while dramatically improving both your efficiency and service.

You can create a library of benefits to make implementations even faster, re-purpose best practice, and control content and configuration in one place. This means you completely avoid the cost and effort of reinventing the wheel every time you implement a new client.

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Copy a benefit configuration

You can set up a new benefit for a client in only two clicks. You simply select the benefits you need for the client from your library and let Zest do the rest. Benefit content and configuration rules will be automatically populated.

You can then customise the new benefit easily with different rates or, if you need to, new eligibility rules. It’s both simple and easy.

Plus, of course, you can create a new benefit for a client from scratch whenever it’s needed. You just add it to your benefits library so it’s ready to use for another client.

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Inherit capability

At the beating heart of the Group Management Centre, this powerful feature allows you to instantly cascade new information to every client with the same benefit across your client base.

You can update benefit content changes centrally — including text, images or even videos — and then choose a time for these updates to populate through to all your clients that have this benefit.

In addition, you can do the same when updating benefit rules for all of your clients, or their subsets. All of this adds up to a faster, timelier, more consistent service, saving you time and further enhancing your value to your clients.

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The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived.

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