Zest Group Insight Centre (For Licensees)

A powerful view of overall scheme performance

The Group Insight Centre enables you to provide better advice and feedback to your
clients, providing them with key data about their scheme and how it’s performing.
You can analyse trends and use this information to help market your business and
so drive additional product sales.

Group portal usage

By understanding and dissecting portal activity for
all of your clients, it enables you to look for ways to
improve the effectiveness of their schemes and offer
a better service.

For example, you can compare one client’s scheme
performance to the average across your whole portfolio.
You can also understand how, when and on what
device each client’s employees are accessing the
system and then suggest areas for improvement.

This functionality, all of which is at your fingertips,
provides you with the capability to help your clients
to understand in detail how their schemes
are performing.

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Group benefit information

By understanding how successful your schemes are
for all of your clients you can find ways to improve your
overall offering. You can drill down into benefit take-up
and average benefits taken: this gives you an insight
into understanding how well the programs are working
and which benefits employees value the most.

You can also identify areas to promote new benefits or
to market the existing portfolio more effectively. Using
the management information (MI) provides your clients
with valuable feedback to show how their scheme
performance and take-up is improving over time.

By understanding the costs for them and their employees,
as well as the NI savings, it helps you to fine-tune your
clients’ benefits programs so delivering the best ROI for
their schemes.

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The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived.

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