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With our additional modules, you'll get even more
out of Zest

Whether you’re looking for greater employee engagement, to gain insights into your scheme or to integrate the company auto-enrolment pension, these optional modules can add huge value to your employee benefits program.
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Engagement Centre

With our award-winning technology, you can take your benefits platform to the next level.

Targeted emails and bespoke content, our Engagement Centre allows you to connect with exactly the employees you want, based on exactly the criteria you set. What’s more, it’s easy to use and can be set up in next to no time.

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Recognition Centre

Modern ways of working mean it has never been more important to make employees feel valued and keep them connected to each other.

Zest’s Recognition Centre is designed to do just that while seamlessly connecting with the rest of the Zest platform. So your people can show their appreciation for others while you continue to boost employee engagement.

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Insight Centre

The challenge with every benefits program is knowing whether it’s hitting the mark with your employees and, above all, giving you the best value for money.

The Insight Centre helps you refine your benefit scheme, ensuring you get even better employee engagement and, simultaneously, saving you money.

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Zest Pay Centre Module

Pay Centre

We believe it should be as simple as possible for employees to access essential resources. That’s why we created the Pay Centre: a portal where employees can access everything they need to know about their salary, including their payslips, P60s and benefits.

This is all delivered online, through our second-to-none user experience.

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Global Centre

Now you can engage your employees in multiple global locations quickly and easily with their own country-specific benefits portal — one you can manage from your UK head office.

Our global solution really is that easy.

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Auto Enrolment Centre

Our Auto Enrolment Centre (AE Centre) ensures that your compliance needs are completely covered, on time, year after year.

The result? Total peace of mind.

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Claims Centre

You can now make your reward program more attractive whilst giving your employees greater choice and flexibility over their benefits.

By giving employees a benefit claims account, you can make your employee benefits more flexible than ever.

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Group Management Centre (For Licensees)

Zest’s Group Management Centre is a truly unique and powerful tool. It delivers benefit changes instantly across your entire client base with a single action.

What’s more, it effortlessly ensures that the employees of all your clients have the latest information exactly when they need it.

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Group Insight Centre (For Licensees)

The Group Insight Centre enables you to provide better advice and feedback to your clients, providing them with key data about their scheme and how it’s performing.

You can analyse trends and use this information to help market your business and so drive additional product sales.

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