The deskless dilemma: engaging the “hard-to-reach” workforce

It’s time to engage the deskless worker
Long before the pandemic, organisations depended on a remote workforce that has often proved difficult to engage.

They typically have less access to email. Their working patterns vary. Too often, they feel voiceless within their organisation. It’s time to connect with this “deskless” workforce.

Remote working is here to stay. And new working arrangements create new challenges around engagement and culture.

But for many organisations, a dispersed workforce is nothing new. From salespeople to engineers, from retail assistants to HGV drivers and from factory workers to fruit pickers, a vast number of crucial roles are occupied by people who rarely, if ever, step foot in headquarters.

These “deskless” workers have long been hard to engage. And the fact that other colleagues are increasingly joining the ranks of the remote workforce won’t automatically solve the problem. There are long-term issues with disengagement that employers must grapple with.

Nor will one solution work for all. A hybrid worker, who splits their time between home and headquarters, is likely to have a home office with a company laptop. But a fruit picker probably won’t even have a corporate phone. A salesperson might be well equipped with technology, but their access to it is often limited for much of the day. But despite the challenges, creating
the right engagement strategy remains crucial. This white paper explores the challenges with connecting a deskless workforce. It demonstrates how employers can build a sense of cohesion, boost engagement and aid retention levels. It shows how this is supported by developing a relevant, fair and compelling employee benefit programme, and delivering it through an easy-to-use app. This itself helps with communications and engagement

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