Recognising success in a changing world

The way we work is changing
Organisations are growing increasingly dependent on new technologies. But despite the evolutions in the way we do business, at least one fundamental truth remains. It is people that are their employer’s greatest asset.

When the best people are in the right roles, companies can grow their profits. They are best placed to understand and adapt to new challenges. They can make sense of new systems and applications and increase efficiency and productivity.

People are at their best when they are engaged and motivated. And human beings thrive on praise and recognition. Companies with a strong recognition culture have a 31% lower voluntary turnover than those that don’t. At a time when a quarter of UK workers could be considering quitting their jobs, employers should prioritise all measures that build loyalty.

Recognising staff successes increases engagement and productivity. Some 40% of workers say that they put more energy into their work when their contribution is regularly appreciated. Yet, despite the numerous advantages of pouring praise on the workers that have earned it, creating a meaningful recognition strategy is increasingly challenging.

New ways of working require innovative ways of motivating teams. Employers are increasingly adopting hybrid working arrangements. Organic opportunities to recognise hard work risk becoming scarcer. Workers who are regularly out of sight become out of mind more easily.

This eBook explores the challenges of creating a meaningful recognition strategy. It shows how theZest Recognition Centre can help employers celebrate the achievements of their teams and build motivation, engagement and productivity.

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