It’s never too late to change: deliver flexible employee benefits and retain a winning team

Demonstrating commitment to staff has never been more crucial
Employee retention has never been harder, and flexible employee benefits can make all the difference. But too often they are difficult to update or introduce.

So Zest has changed the game: great tech, easily implemented in as little as a month.

Most employers have long known that committed, engaged and motivated people are a company’s lifeblood. Any that didn’t, were sharply reminded of it during the disruption and rapid change that
accompanied the pandemic.

Despite the importance of building a winning team, retaining the best staff has rarely been more challenging. In a phenomenon dubbed, “the great resignation”, almost a quarter of United Kingdom workers are actively planning to change employment in the next few months.

Tailoring benefits to the individual is one of the most tangible ways that employers can demonstrate they understand and are committed to their people. That they treat them as individual people, not homogenous employees.

The workforce is rapidly changing and growing more diverse. Different people have different needs and priorities. To deliver a relevant benefit programme, employers need a flexible platform. And we have seen that using the right flexible platform dramatically boosts employee engagement.

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