Winning the war for talent : how the right benefit programme can help build the best team

Facing the “war for talent” in 2022
As the world continues to change, employers depend on building strong teams that can flourish irrespective of the circumstances. But at the same time, attracting and retaining staff with the right skills is becoming increasingly challenging.

Over the past two years, HR teams have been forced to focus on operational realities. Delivering services remotely and managing new ways of working have proved all-consuming.

But in 2022, priorities have to evolve. According to a recent survey, “employee retention”, “engagement” and “talent recruitment” are destined to be among the top challenges of the year.

In what some are calling “the war for talent”, people with the right skills to drive firms forward are becoming ever scarcer. And the most talented team members could be planning a departure.

This ebook shows how the right benefit programme can help both retain and attract the best staff. It demonstrates that implementing a flexible and responsive programme requires access to the
best technology.

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