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Watch on demand: Zest’s AI & Data webinar

Did you miss out on our AI & Data webinar? You can now access the full recording on demand.

Our webinar ‘Breaking barriers, Fuelling Innovation: Unleashing data to elevate your employee proposition’, is now available on demand.

During the informative session, our Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Graham Meinke, guides you through the hurdles we must overcome when we imagine a future where insights seamlessly align with business objectives, where employee experiences are hyper-personalised, and where you can confidently evolve your proposition while demonstrating tangible return on investment (ROI).

Discussing his presentation, Graham noted: ‘Repetitive administrative tasks can already largely be automated using AI. I have those little wow moments all the time when I’m using AI to perform a task that would have taken me hours that I can now do in a few minutes.

‘But the value in people teams has never been in administration. And I think AI is an exciting enabler to make the work of HR and reward teams far more strategic and interesting in their nature.’

To see how AI can help positively impact your benefits offering, watch our webinar recording below. Alternatively, you can book a demo with our sales team here.

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