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Watch on demand: Zest x Furthr sustainability webinar

Did you miss our sustainability webinar? You can now access the recording on demand..

Our webinar, ‘A Greener Tomorrow: Making sustainability and greener benefits a business asset’, is now available on demand and for downloading.

Held to celebrate World Earth Day, we partnered with sustainability experts Furthr to look deeper into climate change concepts, how those issues are affecting communities and what measures, technology and benefits you can introduce.

Our host’s inclusive discussion showcased the positive changes you can make as a company and how an employee benefit solution can help improve your company’s carbon footprint.

Our webinar hosts included:

  • Mark Cusack – Head of Business Development – Furthr
  • Rob Perkins – Head of Partner & Client Success – Zest Technology Ltd

Exclusive research

During our webinar, we were delighted to share some Zest’s latest research that is well and truly hot off the press. Not available elsewhere until May, Rob revealed that:

  • 53% of employees would like to see their company investing more in sustainable benefits (such as electric vehicles and sustainable pensions). This rises to 66% for 18-34 year olds and 63% in London.
  • 36% say such sustainable benefits are now the most important benefits to them, rising to 50% for 18-34 year olds.
  • Just 29% of employees think their company’s benefits platform supports their individual needs and preferences as they seek a more sustainable future.

To find out more and watch the full recording of our webinar in partnership with Furthr, click here for the on-demand recording.

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