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How is AI is driving change across the benefits industry?

Our concept of Artificial Intelligence, and what it’s capable of, changes every day.

Rewind 25 years. Finding out the answer to sporadic questions probably required a visit to Ask Jeeves or Lycos on your desktop PC (Maybe it’s just us that remember the good old days).

Fast forward to 2023 and Alexa / Google devices can satisfy our general knowledge cravings in seconds. Self-driving cars are seemingly only a matter of time from taking us from a to b. Will Smith’s I, Robot co-stars will likely walk amongst us in the near future.

Technology is developing faster than you can say AI, and it’s well and truly here to stay. But how will it impact the wonderful world of benefits?

Personalised benefits to personalisation 2.0

‘Not only will AI let you better understand your people, but it will allow you to connect those needs to genuine business outcomes that resonate with the Board.’

Zest’s very own AI supercomputer, Graham Meinke, was recently invited to speak at the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) Future Forum.

Our Chief Product and Innovation Officer dived deeper into how AI will enable us to move from personalised benefits to personalisation 2.0, and how this will provide both insight and confidence to lead conversations with your board around how changing your employee proposition will inevitably result in tangible business outcomes to care about.

Graham noted, “Repetitive administrative tasks can already largely be automated using AI. I have those little wow moments all the time when I’m using AI to perform a task that would have taken me hours that I can now do in a few minutes. But the value in people teams has never been in administration. And I think AI is an exciting enabler to make the work of HR and reward teams far more strategic and interesting in their nature.”

Our REBA session also dived deeper into how:

🤖  AI will help better understand the needs of segments and individuals.

🤖  It can measure progress against real-time business outcomes.

🤖 AI can deliver experiences aligned to personal needs and business outcomes.

You can watch the full recording of Graham’s session below.



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