Case Study

Teva Pharmaceuticals

  • Established in 1901
  • Around 37,000 employees across the globe
  • Innovative medicines serve roughly 200 million people every day


In their search for a platform that provided more flexibility and value for money, Teva Pharmaceuticals turned to Zest to provide their new benefits offering.

Teva Pharmaceuticals Senior Benefits Manager, Claire Blomley, tells us how Zest’s technology has helped them engage and increase participation with their employees.

Why did you choose Zest to provide your benefits platform?

‘We were looking for something that was simple to use. Something where we could do a lot of the work behind the scenes. I wanted to be a bit more hands on and be able to make changes in the system quickly.

It was key to make it simple for the employee. I wanted it to be single sign on and accessed through our intranet portal.

Also, we wanted to look at how we could interface our HR system to the benefit portal. This would allow reporting to be interfaced quickly and easily with no manual manipulation.’

How was the onboarding process with Zest?

‘There were a few legal challenges, but once we were signed, it was good. The integration was easier than we first thought as Zest were great at keeping us on track and dealing with all the challenges.’

How did you find the process of launching your platform for the first time?

‘It was good. We have some really, really good feedback from our employees. Thanks to the single sign on, we managed to put it onto our intranet site.

We had some really good feedback from employees saying how simple it was. How much easier it was. How they could see everything in one place.’

Can you share any specific examples of benefits that have seen increased participation amongst employees?

‘I would say our private medical benefit has. That’s mainly because we’ve changed how people sign up to the benefits. They’re automatically signed into this benefit from their first day of working so that has got increased participation. I think Healthcare Screening has been very popular amongst some of the senior members of our company too.

What I have noticed is a lot more people are asking for Eyecare Vouchers, which is on our system. Employees are obviously going through the site.’

What they say

Zest want the system to work and they want to constantly make it better. They also want to engage with their customers to help them make things better.
Claire Blomley
Senior Benefits Manager

Has Zest’s technology helped engage your employees?

‘Absolutely. That’s because it’s easier for employees to get on the platform. It works better. It does everything you expect it to do.’

What do you think of your relationship with Zest?

‘I really like working with Zest. What I like about them is that Zest do exactly what they say they will. Other benefit providers promise you the earth and deliver fairly little. If Zest say they’ll deliver, then they deliver.

Previously our portal wasn’t working that well. We were having a few issues. Zest actually came to us with some ideas to resolve these issues. Zest want the system to work and they want to constantly make it better. They also want to engage with their customers to help them make things better.’

Do you face any challenges working with Zest?

‘No, not really. The team is really good. I’m looking forward to a few upgrades which will make the experience even better. If ever I have an issue the people at the end of a phone from Zest are really supportive. The team is really good. The support desk, the account manager.

We work with Joy on our annual reviews, and she knows the system like the back of her hand. She’s brilliant. Zest is a small team; you get to know everyone. It’s very familiar, which is a nice feeling to have. By working with the same people, they are aware of your portal and how it works which makes things a lot easier.’

Would you recommend working with Zest?

‘Yes! Zest are easy to work with. Their costing structure is very transparent, and it’s a really good platform.’


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