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Zest celebrates 20th anniversary

Faces old and new joined us to mark the special occasion.

Happy birthday to us!

We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary by hosting a day filled with fun and excitement.

To mark the big occasion, Zest’s CEO Matt Russell welcomed founder Phil Hollingdale and former CEO Ray Sieber back to our Leatherhead office to reminisce, with each of them taking time to sit down and talk about how the Technology of Benefits has developed over the last two decades.

After the speeches and a spot of lunch, our team headed out to Badger Farm to visit Horsley, Bookham & Leatherhead Riding for the Disabled, our nominated Charity of the Year who provide therapeutic riding sessions for children and adults with disabilities.

We also used the occasion to kick off our 20 Acts of Kindness initiative, where we aim to undertake 20 different voluntary acts to help benefit the local community. To start, our colleagues hit the streets of Leatherhead with their litter pickers to help clean the streets.

You can watch the videos with Matt, Phil and Ray below.

Matt Russell - Zest CEO

‘Everything we do is focused on allowing our customers to deliver a great experience for their people. We have an amazingly innovative product.’

Matt talked about Zest turning 20, continuing to champion a new era of employee engagement and what the future holds.

Phil Hollingdale - Founder

‘It’s great to see Zest prospering 20 years later.’

Our founder went over the origins of the company, the humble beginnings on a local farm and how the company developed from those early days.

Ray Seiber – Former CEO

‘Zest is a brilliant platform and we have brilliant people. They are so good at implementing technology.’

Below Ray talks about joining the company in 2013, his earliest memories of Zest and our new brand identity.

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