TherapyFinders Corporate is an expert mental health company matching employees with therapists suited to their individual needs and an immediate support service for those who need one-off sessions in a moments of anxiety or daily life struggles.

Our corporate service has been designed so that employers can feel confident that their staff are being well supported and so that employees don’t have to worry about anything other than attending their sessions.

On a day-to-day basis we provide the following:

Service to employees:

  • Anyone looking for help will ALWAYS speak to a caring and empathic human being.
  • We will guide them through the questionnaire, matching each individual with the right therapist through our unique algorithm.
  • We schedule all sessions and take care of all payments
  • We check in with each employee, at regular intervals, to make sure they are happy with the relationship – this is the key to a successful journey through therapy.
  • If, for any reason, an employee isn’t entirely happy we will place them with an alternative therapist.

Service to employers

  • We provide regular reports on usage stats – always maintaining employees anonymity
  • -Keep employers informed of how many EFA sessions they have remaining

If you wish to speak to a Zest representative regarding this benefit. Please email your enquiry to: