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LRG Fitness was an idea and concept thought through and turned into a reality over 7 years ago. What started out as workouts to help children become more active and less sedentary has now progressed into a health and wellness platform, LRG On Demand.

Designed to optimise workplace health and encourage more of the workforce to become more active, more often, On Demand offers you ‘exercise normalised’, with easy access to a library of online workouts and mindfulness-based exercises, such as guided relaxation, stretching and mobility-based workouts, strength & conditioning, yoga nidra, HIIT and much more!



The benefits of exercise both physically and mentally are well documented, yet for many, the ability to regularly take part in physical activity often proves difficult. With new videos uploaded regularly, consider it the Netflix equivalent of At-Home workouts.

Appealing to a broad spectrum of people’s needs and fitness requirements and with only a WIFI connection required, On Demand can be accessed anywhere, anytime; making the process easier for individuals to be able to exercise at home or on the move.

Introducing LRG On Demand

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LRG On Demand

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