Leafyard is the mental fitness app for your workplace. Using behavioural science techniques and AI technology, we help employees build healthy habits, businesses reduce presentism, and society move towards proactive mental health support.

Leafyard is a web application that combines science and behavioural research to motivate people to take control of their own mental health. It offers a range of evidence-based interventions, such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, exercise, and journaling, all designed to help users improve their mental fitness and well-being. Leafyard is unique as it uses AI to create personalised guidance for each user based on their individual needs and goals.

Educational course:

The main feature of Leafyard is our video course. Leafyard delivers very short 5-10 minute videos to the user, typically twice a week, that contain real-world activities that motivate the user to try out new wellbeing techniques in their daily lives without anyone noticing. The long-running nature, practical application and repetition of this process results in measurable habit change.



Features overview:

  • Scientifically proven mental health advice and approaches.
  • Simple, accessible, and entertaining CBT training.
  • A personalised mental fitness programme.
  • Structured and freeform journaling.
  • Guided meditation.

Leafyard context:

Leafyard Context is a year-round schedule of engagement, events, and activities that keep mental fitness firmly on the corporate agenda. It consists of monthly newsletters, quarterly webinars, social posts, and merchandise. This consistent communication serves as a gentle reminder to employees that help is always available if they need it, creating a safety net of support and offering additional resources to the entire company.


  • The behavioural science framework promotes lasting change and helps users builds habits.
  • The new wave solution to mental health support. Proactive, not reactive.
  • King’s College London independent validation: “The app offers an exciting CBT-based platform in the Promote, Prevent, Detect, and Treat space.”
  • High engagement – we average a 25% adoption rate, and within this, 85% (EAP’s average engagement is 5%).
  • Through life support.
  • Accessible and entertaining CBT.
  • Optimised and personalised path via AI, including an AI triage system.

Summary document

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