The heart of employee financial health.

A unique social benefit for your workforce

Hastee offer a range of tools within their proposition. These include Earned Wage Access, a benefits calculator as well as a financial education partnership with Nudge amongst others.

The whole aim of our proposition is to stop employees relying on high-cost credit whether that is due to unexpected costs throughout the month, or ‘too much month at the end of their pay-cheque’ therefore giving them liquidity when most required; whether salaried or shift reliant.

This solution can be funded by either the employer or employee or a mix of both, we can offer a structure to fit the requirements of both.



We work with many sizes of companies from SME’s to large global enterprises, our solution works for all.

The peace of mind our proposition brings ensures that employees are able to perform their roles more effectively without the worry of financial stress.

By advertising working with Hastee, it is proven that many of our clients find that employee retention is higher and recruitment is easier as they are an employer of choice.

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