Boutros Bear

Boutros Bear is a hybrid healthcare company focussed on helping medium and large enterprises to increase revenue and profitability by delivering multi-week, clinically proven, integrated care, recovery and rehabilitation programs which dramatically reduce employee presenteeism, absenteeism and avoidable attrition due to the most common workplace health conditions.

Boutros Bear is a hybrid healthcare company that supports medium and large enterprises to increase revenue and profitability by reducing employee presenteeism, absenteeism and attrition. We do this by delivering transformative care, recovery, and rehabilitation programmes for chronic and persistent conditions. We cover the most prevalent and costly chronic and persistent conditions in the modern workplace including:  – Cancer (pre-habilitation and rehabilitation) , – Chronic Pain (MSK, back, neck, arthritic pain), – Mental wellbeing – for both employees and family members dealing with bereavement, Menopausal support. In addition to these recovery and support programmes, we also offer:

  • Preventative health resources
  • Training to employers for managing employees with chronic and persistent conditions.



Boutros Bear’s amazing results are achieved through our multi-week programmes delivered through our intelligent Healthcare platform and led by an allied healthcare coach.  These are personalised, integrated and case-managed recovery and support programmes. These programmes are clinical evidenced to fully overcome chronic and persistent conditions. All of Boutros Bears’ programmes are designed using behavioural science to ensure that employees not only get back to work and back to their best self, but they also see a sustainable improvement in their health.


Here’s why we get such amazing results compared to currently available options:

  • We drive sustained improvement and behaviour change with multi-week programmes, delivered through our intelligent healthcare platform and supported by weekly, live sessions with allied healthcare professionals
  • We accelerate the participants’ recovery with programs that are personalised from the start and optimised throughout the 12 weeks.
  • We don’t just get employees back to work, but back to their best selves because every programme integrates physical health, mental health, nutrition and community support
  • We increase programme efficacy due by utilising our team of leading clinical experts
  • We increase participant engagement through our interactive, modern, easy to use, engaging programme design and delivery platform.
  • Our ability to be simultaneously rehabilitative and preventive
  • We don’t just focus on the employee, but the workplace as a whole.


Solution overview

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