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Wellbeing at work: Getting it right!

Employee wellbeing is the number one factor for success as a business!

Well, we think so anyway.

Make no bones about it, a happy employee is a productive employee. But as the cost-of-living crisis spirals and retention numbers dwindle, are you doing enough to look after your most valuable assets?

It might not be the most captivating subject for some, but when it comes to wellbeing, you need to hit the nail on the head.

What is employee wellbeing?

Health, wealth, and self – it’s as simple as that.

According to Resources for Employers1, Employee wellbeing refers to the overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of employees. It’s influenced by various factors such as their relationships with co-workers, their decisions, and the tools and resources they have access to.

Our starting point is employee wellness, wellbeing at work which supports each and every colleague on a daily basis.

We can help you with your employee health and wellbeing package, giving you everything you need at the click of a button.

But for now, here’s a few little tips that are on the house.

Prioritise your people

Forget ‘acceptable’ and ‘fine and dandy’, if you’re not putting a sharp focus on the people that make you tick, then you’re not doing it right. Employees require more than just a payslip. Their overall package needs to be full of the things that support them in all factors of life.

Benefits, incentives, social events – crank up the volume and make sure you have a wellbeing proposal worth shouting about.

That means putting colleagues first. In a new survey conducted by Harvard Business Review2 Analytic Services sponsored by Indeed, ninety-six percent of the 1,073 business leaders surveyed say that a happier workplace makes it easier to retain talent; 94% agree that it makes attracting better talent easier; and 87% believe it gives the organisation a competitive advantage. And yet, only a third of leaders surveyed say they’ve made wellbeing a top priority — and just 19% have a wellbeing strategy in place.

It’s clear and simple to see. By putting your people first, and providing a wellbeing package for staff, morale, and productivity will likely walk hand-in-hand.

Oh, and don’t forget retention. The proof is in the pudding according to HBR, an appreciated employee is less likely to be looking elsewhere when it comes to work.

Focus on the four key pillars

‘We have already saved one employee’s life by putting health assessments in place.’

Music to our ears. And focussing on the four key pillars of wellbeing can take your wellbeing approach to the next level.

But why tell you about them when we can show you? As part of a roundtable discussion at the PARC Conference earlier this year, our resident guru Daniel Jeynes created a handy one-pager crammed full of wellbeing tips for you to BENEFIT from.

Stop, look and listen

Remember the old Hedgehog advert that helped us cross the road?

Well, it’s particularly relevant when it comes to wellbeing too. Be ready to listen to colleagues, look out for individuals who may be struggling, and always stop to think about current practices and ways to develop/improve.

There’s no need for faff, let us do the hard graft. Get in touch with us and find out how to cram your well-being package full of the good bits. Give us a buzz and see how you can benefit.

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