The Future of Corporate Volunteering: From Box Ticking To Impact

Our Marketplace provider Matchable look into the future of corporate volunteering.

Corporate volunteering has come a long way from the days of obligatory fence painting and charity bake sales. While those activities have their place, the modern corporate world is embracing a different approach—one focused on impact, skills-based contributions, and using the power of technology for good.

In this article we’re going to cover how you and your team can get something back from giving back, and why a dedicated volunteering platform is becoming a popular employee benefit!

Why Traditional Corporate Volunteerism Didn’t Work

In the past, corporate volunteering often felt more like a box to be ticked within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Companies would schedule in-person volunteer days, requiring little in the way of skills, mainly for the sake of good publicity. Employees, while well-intentioned, sometimes left feeling like their efforts didn’t make a substantial difference.

But, with over 73% of companies now offering some form of volunteering policy to their employees*, and the growing pressure on companies to be socially and environmentally conscious, things are changing…

Corporate Volunteering to Get Excited About

Now, a new era of corporate volunteering is emerging. Platforms like Matchable are revolutionising the way companies and employees engage with their communities.

They are on a mission to make giving back part of business as usual. Here’s how:

Skills-based Volunteering

Employees can put their professional expertise to use for a good cause. From marketing and web development to data analysis and HR support, resource-poor nonprofits need the skills your team has to offer.

Instead of running another charity bake sale, why not create a marketing strategy for a charity regenerating coral reefs through eco burials?

Or instead of a day out painting a fence, why not proofread CVs for rehabilitated ex-convicts?

Remote Opportunities 

Volunteering should be possible for all, regardless of location or physical abilities.

No longer confined to on-site volunteering, employees can contribute from anywhere, making it easier to balance work and giving back.

With projects as short as 20 minutes, making a difference has never been easier!

Meaningful Impact

Nowadays, the focus has shifted to creating (and tracking) tangible outcomes for nonprofits, leading to a greater sense of purpose for employees.

While old-fashioned corporate volunteering was well-meaning, skills-based, often remote volunteering can create as much as 150x more impact value for nonprofits.

But the impact isn’t just for the charities – A new study from Oxford university showed that amidst a plethora of popular wellbeing benefits such as online coaching, mental and physical health apps, and financial literacy support, volunteering was the only benefit proven to improve employee wellbeing at work!

The Future of Corporate Volunteering

This new model of corporate volunteering is a win-win-win situation:

Nonprofits gain valuable support and skillsets to further their missions.

Employees develop new skills, experience increased job satisfaction, and build a stronger connection with their company’s values.

Companies create a more engaged workforce, improve brand reputation, and make a real difference in their communities.

When it comes to building a comprehensive and attractive employee benefits package, volunteering shouldn’t be left out.

Alongside solutions for mental health support and financial wellbeing, a dedicated employee volunteering platform is becoming the norm for forward-thinking companies.

The future of corporate volunteering is about harnessing the power of skills, technology, and genuine connection for social good. It’s a future where companies are not just doing good, but doing it exceptionally well (and reaping the benefits from doing so).

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