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July’s Marketplace spotlight: Adora Digital Health

Next to be recognised in our Marketplace spotlight is Adora Health.

To celebrate the opening of Zest Marketplace, we’ll be shining the spotlight on one of our providers each and every month.

Your one-stop shop for all your employee benefit needs, we’ve handpicked from our network of trusted benefit providers to ensure you have the best offering available to your employers.

For July, we’re delighted to introduce you to Adora Digital Health.

Who are Adora?

Adora provides an innovative employee benefit giving women access to the experts, digital tools and community they need to take control of their unique menopause journey.

Taking a personalised health and wellbeing approach, their platform provides:

  • Online consultations with women’s health doctors and gynaecologists (no waiting lists!)
  • A 24/7 companion app with human and digital support to track symptoms and give women the help and advice they need
  • Community & social support via our online events for the total workforce

Since launching, Adora are already making an impact with their customers with a 35% engagement rate across their client base and are shortlisted for the Health & Wellbeing Start-Up of the Year 2024.

To find out more about Adora, you can find them on our Marketplace page here.

Adora X Zest Technology Ltd

To mark our Marketplace partnership with Adora, CEO Ann O’Neill said:

“At Adora, we’re passionate about keeping women in the workplace during menopause. Partnering with Zest lets us reach more progressive companies who understand the impact menopause symptoms can have on a woman’s career and who want happy, healthy employees.

We’re seeing great results and excellent engagement levels with our expert menopause healthtech platform and online events, and together, we’re making menopause a normal topic at work, leading to a more positive environment for everyone.”

Menopause webinar

Last year Adora joined Zest to celebrate World Menopause Day with a webinar to explore how we can foster greater inclusivity and a better understanding of menopause in the workplace.

The roundtable discussion between our very own Clare Reynolds, Adora’s CEO Ann O’Neill and Claire Blomley from Teva Pharmaceuticals looks deeper into matters that include:

  • How we can all better understand the menopause experience
  • Helping HR leaders to create a more supportive work environment
  • The benefits and tools available to help foster greater inclusivity
  • Getting to grips with BS30416 Attendees

You can watch the on-demand recording of the webinar here.

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