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How will the ‘New Working Week’ affect employee benefits?

More employees than ever are opting to WFH on Mondays and Fridays or favouring flexible working over full time hours. But what effect is this new ‘office working week’ having on the way that benefits are designed and delivered?

ay Sieber, CEO of Zest Benefits says, “The world of work is evolving rapidly and what’s clear is that companies need to keep up with not just the benefits they’re offering but how they’re delivered. Regardless of whether the workforce is in the office or at home’, the key to keeping employees connected and engaged, wherever they are, is an intuitive and personalised benefits platform that understands their needs and gives them innovative support and access all the time.

With data* suggesting that the typical week in the office now runs from Tuesday to Thursday, the five-day office working week we once knew is all but over. This new pattern of not always being present in the office means that benefit providers are coming up with smart ways to reflect the change.

Offering benefits that can be obtained digitally and used anywhere has never been more vital. Forward-looking businesses simply can’t afford to be without an intuitive platform that’s equipped to deliver this.

We look at the key ways that modern employee benefits platforms can help to keep employees both engaged and connected with their organisation and their colleagues by making them the ‘go-to’ workplace employee location…

Clear Communication
Benefits programs need to be clearly communicated, easy to understand and impactful to ensure that their true value is appreciated. At Zest, Total Reward Statements are made simple by showing employees the total value of their employment, not just their individual rewards. This, combined with an easy-to-master interface and employee-focused approach means that communication is simple, clear and always accessible.

Easy Interaction
Measuring, tracking and optimising how employees are engaging with their benefits is a must when face-to-face communication is scarce. With the ability to capture insightful analytics and real-time data, Zest’s new and improved Insight Centre puts a huge variety of Management Information into the hands of benefits managers, allowing employers to delve even deeper into data covering engagement, take-up and spend. From benefit selections to automated provider and payroll reporting, benefit management is seamless for both employees and employers.

With employees accessing data on the move and often via their phones, keeping data protected is a must. Advanced security features such as two factor authentication and data encryption ensures that data is more secure than ever before.

Technology aside, benefits providers are seeing employees phase out what’s less important and prioritise the things that are of higher value as a new work culture emerges. Getting the mix of benefits right to ensure that all workers – wherever they are based – get the full value might see office-based perks such as free food, Friday drinks and gym passes less favoured versus wellbeing packages and WFH perks.

Speak to a member of our team to learn how Zest is adapting to the new working week with its award-winning employee benefits and engagement solution.

Tuesday to Thursday is the new office working week, data suggests.
Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64118190

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