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Are we empowering our people to talk about the menopause?

Zest webinar to explore how we can do more to empower menopause conversations.

In a study of 2,000 employees by Carrot Fertility1, 80% of respondents said menopause presented a challenge at work. Even more, 72% said they felt self-conscious and uncomfortable when experiencing a symptom of menopause in the workplace.

There continues to be a stigma around menopause. Colleagues can be nervous around having these important conversations with HR leaders, and it’s a subject that needs more support from employers on a day-to-day basis.

There should be no concern about negative impacts, no need to suffer in silence. Employees should feel comfortable and supported. A menopause experience doesn’t have to impact your career progression in any way shape or form.

How can we do more?

To start with, we can empower more menopause conversations with employers!

It’s important to foster inclusivity and understanding. Having explored different challenges faced in the workplace, we found that of the benefits their employers offer, just 2% of employees reported that they have used the menopause support in the last year, with only 17% of businesses saying that they offer menopause support.

Zest’s award-winning employee benefits platform is helping HR leaders to create a more supportive work environment and supporting organisations adopt practices to support women experiencing the menopause in the workplace,

Zest CEO Matt Russell: ‘Menopause is a significant life event that affects women both personally and professionally but by fostering a supportive and understanding workplace environment that incorporates relevant employee wellbeing benefits, employers can help women navigate this transition with confidence and empower them to continue thriving in their careers.’

Menopause webinar

To celebrate World Menopause Day on Wednesday 18th October, Zest will be hosting a roundtable webinar live on zoom with industry experts.

The panel will look into:

  • How we can all better understand the menopause experience
  • Helping HR leaders to create a more supportive work environment
  • The benefits and tools available to help foster greater inclusivity
  • Getting to grips with BS30416

You can sign up to Zest’s menopause webinar here.

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