Zest Engagement Centre

Now’s the time to get closer to your people

Our award-winning technology now means you can take your benefits platform to the
next level. Through finely-targeted emails and bespoke content pages, our Engagement
Centre allows you to connect with exactly the people you want based on exactly the
criteria you set. What’s more, it’s easy to use and can be set up in next to no time.

Keeping everyone in the loop

Keeping people informed is one of the best ways
to ensure employees feel valued and motivated. By
using our Content Page capability to design and build
your own pages in the employee portal, it allows your
people to access information over and above their
benefits program. You may want to let your employees
know about the latest additional perks, the details of
their Christmas party or the CEO’s latest message.
Whatever it may be, you can deliver the message you
want to the people you want, whether company-wide
or to targeted groups.

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Get close and personal

The Content Pages are only one element of the
Engagement Centre. Our Targeted Email Campaigns
allow you to deliver finely-directed communications
to boost employee engagement.

Not only can these emails be personalised but they
can draw on various information points you have
about your people, ensuring your communications
are completely relevant to their needs.
For example, if they haven’t already taken it,
you might remind a new parent about the benefits
of private medical cover.

This relevance and timeliness will only increase your
employees’ sense of belonging. What’s more, it’s easily
automated so you just write the emails, set your target
criteria, and let Zest do the hard work for you.

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The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived.

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