Zest Claims Centre

A new way to engage and reward your people

You can now make your reward program more attractive while giving your employees greater choice and flexibility over their benefits, with a benefit claims account, powered by Zest’s Claims Centre.

With home working high on today’s agenda, finding new ways of engaging remote employees is key. For example, providing your people with a ‘Working from home fund’, covering items like office furniture or WI-FI, can make a real difference. Or you could demonstrate your investment in their wellbeing by providing a ‘Health and Wellbeing fund’, allowing them to claim for items such as yoga classes, fitness equipment and counselling services. The options are limitless.

Whatever initiative you choose, our integrated Claims Centre empowers your people while making life easy for you.

Personalise your offering, quickly and easily

Every employee is different. The Claims Centre allows you to show that you recognise this by giving them the ability to personalise their benefits. It enables benefits to be set up with a balance against which employees can claim as and when needed and on whatever benefits they want. You define the rules and then they have the freedom.

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Streamlined and simple

All your employees need to do is to enter their claim, add their qualifying receipts and upload them from their phone or tablet. The Claims Centre does the rest, automating the process and leaving you in control to manage the claims. Employees can view the balance for each benefit available to them and make claims. These claims, once reviewed and approved by you, will be reimbursed to them via Payroll.

Raise the bar on engagement

Reinforcing your flexible benefits platform, the Claims Centre means that employees are always engaged and connected, as they will regularly use the platform to make claims and understand their options. Taking employee engagement to completely new levels.

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The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived.

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