Zest and Furthr to host sustainability webinar

Join us on Monday 22nd April at 11am to find out more about making sustainability and greener benefits a business asset.

Zest are delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with Furthr, business sustainability experts, to celebrate World Earth Day 2024.

Following on from the success of our recent Menopause and Fertility webinars, this inclusive discussion will look deeper into climate change concepts, how those issues are affecting communities and what measures and technology you can introduce.

How Sustainability can be a Business Asset: Building Engagement & Driving Change

According to Furthr, 72% of staff feel more loyal working for a company that takes active steps towards sustainability.

And that can mean offering a number of green benefits, with Zest finding that 62% of employees would like their company to invest more into improving their employee benefit proposition.

Our panel’s discussion will showcase the positive changes you can make as a company and how an employee benefit solution can help improve your company’s carbon footprint.

Those taking part in the webinar include:

  • Mark Cusack – Head of Business Development at Furthr
  • Rob Perkins – Head of Partner and Client Success at Zest

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