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Fertility support in the workplace – Meet our panellists

Introducing our industry experts for next month’s webinar.

On Tuesday 16th January, Zest and the IVF Network will join forces to host a webinar on fertility in the workplace.

Held at our Leatherhead office, the panel, hosted by Fertility & Career Coach Jennifer Elworthy, will take part in a roundtable discussion and look into what fertility-related benefits organisations can offer to help employees navigate the challenges they face, from medical coverage to family planning programmes.

The IVF Network’s recent study of 1,500 individuals found that 67.3% of people didn’t feel supported by their employer when undergoing fertility treatment. It was also found that 38% of people going through fertility treatment considered quitting their jobs. With an average cost of $30k to replace an employee, having the right support for your workforce is an important point to consider.

Introducing our panel:

Jennifer Elworthy (Host)

Fertility & Career Coach

Jennifer partners with ambitious and determined women, providing them with the guidance they need to navigate the intricate terrain of balancing career ambitions with fertility concerns and treatment.

Using a diverse array of coaching techniques, she empowers her clients to gently regain control of their lives amidst challenging circumstances. Together, they forge a path forward, one that harmonizes their career goals with the intricacies of fertility issues.

Dr Golnoush Golshirazi

CEO & Co-Founder at ScreenMe

Dr Golnoush Golshirazi is a Cambridge graduate, scientist and entrepreneur who advocates for women’s equality within the healthcare system. After struggling for many years with undiagnosed Endometriosis and upon completing her PhD; Dr Golshirazi went on to establish ScreenMe, where she has used her expertise, experience and passion to revolutionise general, intimate and reproductive health.

She believes that through educating people about their own bodies, providing specific advice and testing, and giving continuous support, we can help people to take charge of their health and improve societal health care outcomes for generations to come.

Dr Golshirazi’s specific focus is on the vaginal and semen microbiomes; with Golnoush believing that these are major gateways to health and wellness through disease prevention, reduced risk of infection, fertility, and so much more.

Joy Waugh

Principal Consultant – Zest

With over 20 years’ experience in the employee benefits arena, Joy has worked with a number of companies exploring and expanding their benefits provision for employees.

Juggling a career and studying whilst being a mother to three girls, Joy is passionate about equality and supporting those navigating the physical, mental and emotional demands of life whilst working.

Joy has been encouraged to see how provision around areas such as mental health has started to embed and employers are looking at other areas such as support for the menopause.

However, there is a real vacuum of information and discussion about the hugely personal and emotional subject of fertility. Now is the time for companies to sensitively explore ways to support employees and provide access to services and specialists.

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