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Forget boring old pie charts. Our fresh approach to total reward statements makes the value of an employee’s benefits pop! It’s all about showing your people the true value of their package and not just their paycheck.

Understanding today’s challenges

It’s easy to talk in general terms about a change in what people want from their employer. But while a change in expectation may be consistent across the workforce, the specifics will differ from person to person. Taking time to understand the changes in each organisation is fundamental to making progress.

Ensuring employee resilience
A positive step forward in any company is developing a culture where everyone feels safe to talk about how they are doing – both personally and professionally. Many employers now offer mental health days for times when staff simply need some time out. A reward package could also be tailored to incorporate continuing professional development, for example, by supporting employees who wish to gain qualifications that could be an advantage both for themselves and the company they work for.

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What they say

We’ve been receiving some really great comments on the look and feel of the platform, it’s something we’ve never had before
James Lamb
HR Advisor - First Response