Travis Perkins: An All-Round Success Story

By Zest on 

How can large companies with huge workforces spread over vast areas successfully commit to delivering their benefits package to employees in a way that is accessible and reliable?

When there is an inherent uniqueness to each employee and so many different requirements and entitlements, implementing a credible employee benefits scheme can be a marathon undertaking, not to mention incredibly difficult and time-consuming to manage and that’s without factoring in the national pandemic HR departments are currently having to deal with.

FTSE250 listed Travis Perkins, recently made the decision, having conducted an all market review, to adopt Zest Technology’s award-winning, state-of-the-art software to help them in their efforts to power their innovative benefits programme in an intuitive manner.

Travis Perkins has a workforce numbering over 25,000 employees across more than 2,000 branches, stores and sites UK-wide and needed software that could deliver under these parameters.

Zest’s solutions are built on rapid, powerful client configuration, and push aside the cumbersome “hand-coded” approach historically taken by the industry, enabling Travis Perkins to benefit from a significant reduction in costs, reduced risk of missed deadlines through automated reporting, and heaps more time saved by the blue chip company.

The promise of unparalleled speed in delivery and implementation was a crucial factor in Travis Perkin’s decision to appoint Zest, who did not fail to deliver; the employee benefits platform went live within weeks, enabling Travis Perkins to successfully complete their annual benefits window and the company is now running an anytime window.

Ultimately, it’s the high-engagement rate that Travis Perkins is looking forward to. Zest’s Total Reward Statement allows for conversations to move away from being focused solely on employee salary and instead concentrated on what workers are receiving in totality, the perks above and beyond salary that can cost companies an additional 10-30%. Travis Perkins’ employees will be able to see this information in a personalised way; a clear benefits breakdown delivered to them in the moments that matter. 

Travis Perkins didn’t have to rely solely on Zest’s promises when it came to making their decision. They had strong references from two Times 100 Companies who have also decided to work with Zest as their benefits platform provider of choice. This powerful backing gave Travis Perkins all the confidence needed to entrust Zest with this project, and the company knows they won’t be disappointed.

Paul Nelson, Reward and HR Analytics Director at Travis Perkins, had this to say:

 “The scope, scale, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Zest platform is hugely impressive and the fact that other Zest clients in our sector were happy to endorse them made our decision that much easier. Working in tandem with strategic partners like Zest will ensure we can maintain and build our sector-leading employer brand over the coming years.”

Zest looks forward to seeing where this new partnership takes it! To read more about what Paul Nelson and Zest CEO Ray Sieber had to say, read: